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West Baton Rouge School Districts

Stinson map creates wall maps custom fit to clients’ needs. Clients chose the spatial area, level of detail and boundary lines, among data elements, to create a map suited for any purpose.  Aerial maps and topographic features are available as well.  We specialize in Louisiana Maps, Mississippi Maps, and Arkansas Maps, however virtually any geographical area can be mapped.

PARISH WALL MAPS:  We currently offer wall maps of many parishes in Louisiana.  Contact us today to learn more.

CUSTOM WALL MAPS:  Stinson map can add specified landmarks to our base maps including specific locations, attractions, fire hydrants, event locations, boundary lines, etc.

OVERSIZED WALL MAPS:  We can create a wall map of virtually any size.  A popular item we produce is our large 2 panel map of the Baton Rouge area.

SIZE & SCALE:  The scale of our wall maps are completely customizable to individual needs. Wall Maps can be made on the state, regional, or parish/county level, and can also be reduced down to the city, town, or even neighborhood.

There are many applications for a visually appealing wall map for businesses, organizations, and individuals.   Our Wall maps come laminated with a sturdy plastic hanging strip for heightened durability and support.

MetroKey MapBooks are high quality street atlases/road maps with several thorough indexes to help you navigate quickly to the area of the map that you are interested in. MetroKeys are a great resource for business owners who want a complete view of their local market or quick driving directions for employees.
MetroKeys correspond with wall maps and display the page numbers and grid system in the MetroKey Mapbooks.
We currently produce regions in Louisiana Metro Key Mapbooks, select regions for Mississippi MetroKey Mapbooks, and select counties for Arkansas MetroKey Mapbooks.


Acadiana MetroKey
Baton Rouge MetroKey
Central LA (CenLa) MetroKey
Lake Charles MetroKey
Mississippi Gulf Coast MetroKey
New Orleans MetroKey
North Shore MetroKey
Shreveport/ Bossier MetroKey
Union County, AR MetroKey


7th edition $32.95
14th edition $33.95
2nd edition $28.95
2nd edition $31.95
4th edition $31.95
5th edition $32.95
2nd edition $32.95
1st edition $31.95
1st edition $28.95

 Take a Look Inside:
webAt Stinson Map, we create beautiful, functional interactive web maps to be used in a variety of ways. We have the capability to combine high powered GIS tools with visually appealing interactive maps. These maps can be integrated into websites or used as a stand alone resource for any internal purpose.

Our clients can use these maps for applications such as real estate, address plotting, claimant locations, event coordination, and virtually any geographic use. We have the ability to plot locations on the map with color coding variance or symbol distinction. In addition, we can add information when users hovers over or clicks on certain locations. The possibilities and applications are endless and Stinson Map would love to help your company, business, or organization create a function, graphically appealing map customized to your needs.


Folding maps are a great way to distribute spatial information about your area. Location information, statistics, photos, town events or any category of information can be displayed alongside your map, which makes this product very versatile.

We can create folding maps for a variety of different purposes to fit all client needs such as: subdivision maps for real estate agents, Chamber of Commerce area maps, tourist councils maps displaying local events, school board districts, recreational areas, parish-wide road maps and many other purposes. Our folding maps can be printed on matte or glossy paper and come come in a variety of paper thicknesses.